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Here is your Advantage mortgage and purchase timeline, start to finish!


💬 You have a chat with us to ensure we understand your goals and challenges.

🧠 We use our mortgage brains to ensure there are solutions for you ASAP

💰  We let you know what the costs look like and offer our professional services in checking the documents outlined below. This allows us to double check our suggested solutions will work in practice which is worth knowing as early as possible. Therefore we offer to check these as early into your journey as you like. Your adviser will provide you with a personalise document list, so don’t worry about trying to figure out what we will need. Once we have these documents and are confident in the solutions discussed, we can also source you a…

🏁  Mortgage in principle. This is just a credit check, not an agreement to lend, but it often means your offer on a property is likely to be taken more seriously by the seller/agent.  It is also means you have the green light to submit a full application when the time comes. However, this can only be done once you have…

🏆   An offer accepted on a property.

🕵️‍♀️   Once you do, we scour the market again to find the best solution at the time. Once we have discussed this, the alternatives we considered and everyone is happy…

  A full mortgage application is then submitted to the lender.

   Initial response: due to COVID, lenders will typically take around 3-10 days to initially respond to the application and make case by case requests.

🆔 The lender will need to check your Identity.

 They will also need to check your proof of address. Some high street lenders can often check and approve your ID and address proof electronically

🛒 The lender will check your expenditure. Again, certain high street lenders use national/regional average expenditure, rather than assessing your personal bank statements to see if the mortgage is affordable.

💷 The lender will need proof of your income by way of payslips, tax calculations, full accounts, pension slips, benefit award letters and other documents dependent on the source of your income

🏦 Deposit proof. This often needs to be approved by the lender. Most commonly this would be a bank/savings account statement or a gifted deposit letter if coming from family.

🏡 Mortgage valuation. For every mortgage, the lender needs a survey report from their own surveyor. This is to ensure the property is suitable (i.e. it doesn't have serious structural problems and meets their lending criteria) and to ensure it is worth what you have agreed to pay for it.

🔎 Final underwrite: In most cases an underwriter will need to look over the whole case once all the proofs are in and take responsibility for it. All being well, they are using their judgement and opinion to say that the lender should be lending to you and...

📜 Issue the formal mortgage offer! With a high street lender this normally takes around 2-4 weeks from full application. However during COVID, this is longer. Whilst some cases are flying through, due to backlogs at lenders and surveyors, a mortgage will take more like 4-6 weeks to get from full application to final mortgage offer. With a specialist lender, this could be more like 6-8 weeks.

🏥 Insurance: Your mortgage payments need to be maintained every month for the full term. That’s a long time! The likelihood is that at some point, household income could drop or disappear due to sickness or one of you passing away. Therefore, at this stage we help you review what protection you already have (through existing policies or work benefits) to highlight shortfalls. We can then ensure that you are neither over, nor under protected.

👷🏼‍♀️ Independent survey: You have your mortgage offer, which is great news and it means that, all being well with the legal process, you can buy the property. However, that does not necessarily mean you should! A lender’s mortgage valuation/survey. will not pick up on all sorts of issues with the property. If you knew about such issues, it could mean you wouldn’t want to buy it anymore, or at least, not for the current, agreed price. This is what an independent survey is for, which we will help you with at this stage.

👨🏼‍⚖️ Legal work: Alongside the mortgage process you will also need to liaise with a solicitor/conveyancer in order to purchase a property. The timescales for this are difficult to predict as the individual completing the legal work for you is reliant on third parties in order to do so. We can send our Advantage legal work guide to you to help get you as well organised for this as possible, but please check timescales and requirements directly with your solicitor as they will know better than we do!

🍾 Completion: Celebrate!

Your Home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or another debt secured on it

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Our typical fee is £450 and only paid when your offer is produced. This means that if we’re unsuccessful in getting you the mortgage you won’t pay a fee, giving you the confidence you need from a broker.

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